Players to Watch: Week 4

By Adeel Ansari (’21)

Week 4 in the NFL had some spectacular games. Whether it be the Buccaneers pulling off an underdog win against last year’s Super Bowl contenders, the Rams, or and obvious Chargers win against, arguably the worst team in the league, the Dolphins, Sunday was quite a day for teams all around the NFL. Here are some individuals on the teams that came up on top this week that are key parts of their teams future.

Philadelphia Eagles: Jordan Howard

Screen Shot 2019-10-13 at 6.59.55 PM.png

Jordan Howard was a force to be reckoned with on Thursday night. He had 15 carries for 87 yards, managing to score 2 touchdowns in the process. This helped advance the injured Eagles to a win over the much improved Packers. Look out for Jordan Howard in the coming weeks, as after this game the Eagles will be looking to utilize him more.

New York Giants: Daniel Jones

Screen Shot 2019-10-13 at 7.00.21 PM

Daniel Jones, Danny Dimes, or potential candidate for rookie of the year. However you know him, Daniel Jones has sure made a huge impact on the Giants. Replacing former Super Bowl champion Eli Manning, Daniel Jones had some big shoes to fill. He did so this week with ease, playing as if he himself was a veteran quarterback. Throwing for 225 yards in only his second official NFL game, Daniel Jones shows great potential to be an important piece in the future of the Giants dynasty.

Detroit Lions: Matthew Stafford

Screen Shot 2019-10-13 at 7.01.01 PM.png

Although the Lions did not win this week, Matthew Stafford by far was the most important player on the field that night. The Lions have always been a disappointment to the fans, but this game in particular sparked some hope that the Lions could be playoff bound this year. Facing off against one of the best teams in the League, the Lions held a lead over the Chiefs until the last minute of the game. Even throughout unfair calls, Stafford played like a great quarterback should, and brought back hope that maybe the Lions could win their first playoff game in decades. Stafford threw for 291 yards, rushed for an additional 18, and threw 3 touchdowns. If Stafford continues playing like this, the Lions might soon have a chance in the playoffs.

Cleveland Browns: Nick Chubb

Screen Shot 2019-10-13 at 7.01.26 PM.png

What a game Nick Chubb had against the Ravens. People were expecting a battle between Lamar Jackson and Baker Mayfield, but Nick Chubb stepped up and showed his dominance on the field. Rushing for a whopping 165 yards with 3 touchdowns, there is no doubt that Nick Chubb was one of the top performers last Sunday. Expect them to incorporate him more into their game plans, with Baker Mayfield experiencing a sophomore slump, and breaking out against a high tier defense.

New England Patriots: Jamie Collins

Screen Shot 2019-10-13 at 7.01.53 PM.png

There is no doubt that the Patriots are currently and have been the best team in the NFL for the past many years. However, before this season, their success relied very heavily on their offense, Tom Brady leading them to touchdown after touchdown. However, since the start of this season, the Patriots have been equally relying on their defense. Jamie Collins is a big breakout candidate for the Patriots, coming away with a sack, an interception, and 4 tackles against the Bills. Although the defense will never be as well known as their offense, a strong defense is important, and Jamie Collins, you can be sure will be there to make sure of that.

Los Angeles Chargers: Philip Rivers

Screen Shot 2019-10-13 at 7.02.10 PM.png

Philip Rivers is on the high end when it comes to age in the NFL. But when it comes to playing, he makes up for his age with his cunning strategies and powerful arm. Whether it be passing it short to an open receiver he knows can get RAC yardage, or perfectly placing a deep lob, Philip Rivers has a very high football IQ and makes good use of it. Although he has never won a Super Bowl before, if he keeps this up, then along with star players like Melvin Gordan and Keenan Allen, this could be their year. Although the win was expected, as they were going up against the worst team in the league, Rivers still put up 310 yards with 2 touchdowns, securing him as a reliable quarterback for at least a couple more years to come.

Seattle Seahawks: Russell Wilson

Screen Shot 2019-10-13 at 7.02.36 PM.png

After Sunday and Thursday nights’ performances, it is clear that the Seattle Seahawks are at least play-off bound, if not Super Bowl contestants. Russell Wilson has been phenomenal these past weeks, and he’s only getting better. Throwing for 8 touchdowns, 1,141 yards, and 0 interceptions, it is no wonder people are already talking about he is an MVP candidate for this year. Beating both the Cardinals and the most recent Super Bowl contestants, Russell Wilson is showing that he still has a lot more left to prove.



All of these players held an exceptional role when it came to leading their team. Regardless of whether their team won or not, every single one of these players showed their worth on the field, and proved that they can indeed be a valuable asset to their team, regardless of what others say. Whether they are a rookie like Daniel Jones, or a veteran like Phillip Rivers, these players are worth following if you want to see a great game.

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