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IA Music Department Exhibition

Black History Month

The IA Orchestras, Bands, and Choirs all spent January, February, and March engaging with some significant musical works that tell important stories about the strength, creativity, and resiliency of Black Americans. Students not only learned to perform these works, but read articles, listened to podcasts, engaged in discussions, and wrote research program notes to gain a broader and deeper understanding of the context of the music.

IA Symphony and String Orchestras’ performance of the Black National Anthem, “Lift Every Voice and Sing”.

IA Symphonic and Concert Bands’ performance of “Soundtrack Highlights from Black Panther.” Soenke Pietsch, Alaina Newell, and Michael Lu were selected to present their virtual program notes.

IA Chorale and Bel Canto Choirs’ performance of “We Shall Overcome / Lean On Me”. Alex Rofick-Williams, Sarah Morar, Stephanie Barroso, and Sophia Sajan were selected to present their virtual program notes. Molly Levin performed the solo.

A Cappella– While Mr. LaNoue was on paternity leave, Chorale members learned the ropes from a cappella expert, Mr. Isaiah Hawkins.

Mr. Hawkins’ arrangement of Stevie Wonder’s “Isn’t She Lovely”, which he arranged in honor of the birth of Mr. LaNoue’s daughter. Chorale members recorded the parts, and Mr. Hawkins produced the recording.
Cathy Shan’s (’23) arrangement of Dua Lipa’s “Break My Heart”

Film Music– In addition to Black Panther, Band students explored the world of film composition. As a final project, students composed music for a fictional film, or set a film scene to music.

“Character Theme” by Chris Roach (’22) & Michael Wasniewski (’22)
“Film Character Theme” by Ryan Jin (’22)
“Carla’s Theme” by Leah Raymond (’22)

Watch and listen to Savannah Harnphanich (’22), Parker Jensen (?), Mitchell Swayze (?), and Nita Kattimani’s (’21) original Minecraft movie and score, “Epic Group Project.”

Electronic Music– Band and Choir students spent time learning the history of rap music, and the basics of electronic music production.

“To Arms, Lest the Citadel Fall” by Yoshihiro Paris (?)

DP Music– Senior DP Musicians spent their fall and winter developing their performing and creating portfolios. Here are a few examples of the types of work the students did.

Guitarist Greyson Yousif’s (‘21) cover of “King Kong Goes To Tallahassee” by Bruce Cockburn.
Maui Baba’s (’21) Lo-Fi hiphop track
Vocalist Gus Lesperance Solomonson performed a set of bossa nova standards for his DP Music performance portfolio, with his group Bossa Fresca Trio.

Senior Art Exhibition

The IA Senior Art Exhibition is a yearly event that provides graduating seniors the opportunity to showcase their work from the past two years. Published here are select images from this years event, all images can be found here.

I Have a Dream Too– Micah Anderson

I started brainstorming ‘I Have a Dream Too’ in my eighth grade American History class. I started this poem as a creative piece as tribute to MLK. For a while, I did not continue the poem but after the death of George Floyd on May 25, 2020, my frustrations bled out into the sea of pain seen throughout the country. So I sat down and I wrote again. Where some people scream, cuss, or cry, my anger came out in rhyming words. Months later, in Mr. Garza’s creative writing class, he encouraged me to continue writing and that was when I finally put the passion for the topic into finishing the piece. That was when I sat down and wrote a poem I never thought I would have a chance to share.

Revival– Ryan Jin

This piece, written by Ryan Jin, features percussion by Jonathan Marx and some mellow Guzheng (a traditional Chinese string instrument) instrumentation. It was inspired by Jay Chitalia who said Ryan’s YouTube channel was kind of dry because he hadn’t posted in a while, so Ryan wrote this piece on a whim, hence the Revival name.

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