The Return of the IASA Show

The full 2021-2022 IASA Show, featuring both IA West and Central.

The annual IASA show made a big return Saturday after limited festivities last year. This year’s show, “Saath O Saath,” featured an alluring and glamorous collaboration between the Indian American Student Associations of both West and Central. The show opened with emcees from West, Lucas Poota and Rikhil Sankati. After a heartwarming performance of the American national anthem, Sanjana Kandiraju (’22) sang the Indian national anthem to a wistful audience.

Poojitha Kondari and Amruta Balur (both ’25) presented the first dance of the evening with a stunning classical dance performance.

Many other impressive acts included Bhangra performances from West and Central, South Indian and Garba style dances, and a thrilling rendition of “Badtameez Dil” staged by Ishaan Aravindaksha (’22).

Ishaan Aravindaksha(’22) costumed and ready for his feature solo.

One of the highlights of the night was our very own Senior Fusion, spotlighting the seniors who have been dedicated members to IASA throughout their time at IA.

Seniors celebrating their last IASA show at the International Academy outside the Bloomfield Hills auditorium.

Mira Sripada, Vidhyalakshmi Velayudham, and Hannah Tariq (this year’s IASA board) spoke near the end of the show about IASA’s determination and commitment of so many people to make these dances happen. This statement was released in the program:

We want to extend the biggest thank you to every single person who has worked so incredibly hard to make this night possible. Thank you to our amazing choreographers, dancers, emcees, and performers for putting in so much effort these past few months. Special thank you to our backstage volunteers for helping us in any way we needed. We are also so appreciative of all the work our sponsors, an invaluable part of our IASA family, have done to make our show so successful. Lastly, we wanted to thank all of you for coming out tonight to watch us do what we do best ~ spreading the love so deeply integrated in the Indian American culture to all of you.

– 2022 IASA Board

Congratulations to them for a successful show!

The boards of IASA Central and West along with Mrs. Convery and Mrs. Hessler congratulate the performers of the show.

The show was not the only part of the evening that was successful. IAC buildON held a fundraiser at intermission, selling delicious mango lassis and samosas. The IA BuildOn Club actively fundraises the construction costs of building schools in
countries such as Nicaragua, Nepal, Senegal, Malawi and Mali, providing an enrichment opportunity to travel and live with local host families and participate in the building of the schools.

Tasawwar Rahman and Sanjana Kandiraju(both ’22) discuss the merits and accomplishments of buildON just after intermission.

Ms. Gibson also said a few words encouraging the audience to support the new Phoenix Fund. The Phoenix Fund provides funding to IA families so that all IA students have access to the same field trips and learning experiences, regardless of family income level. Over the course of four years, there are many learning opportunities that have additional costs and those can add up. The Phoenix Fund is designed to support students and families when needs arise.

The show’s title, Saath O Saath, is a Hindi phrase translated as “together.” With a packed audience, good food and drinks, and lively spirits among seniors, parents, and underclassmen alike, the 2022 IASA show certainly triumphed in bringing IA together after a long time apart.

From left: Julien Hamid, Tasawwar Rahman, Daniel Liu, Ishaan Aravindaksha, Peter Susanto, Rahul Gopalakrishnan, Adrian Vergara, and Lidia Hood(all ’22)

The 2021-2022 Indian American Student Association.

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