Love is a Tricky Thing

By Giulia Pincetti (‘23)

Love. You can’t really love someone unless they love you back. 

You can adore something that doesn’t love you back, like a celebrity, but you can’t love them. Why do I say this? If we keep telling ourselves that we love people or objects just to express this emotion, then we lose its powerful meaning. Love is not a one way street, and in order to truly love, you must gain love in return. 

At some point in our lives, we all tell someone we truly love them knowing that the love that we share is not an equilibrium. We may pour our soul on a platter for the person we love and cherish, but by doing this to someone who doesn’t truly love us back, we lose ourselves. We lose what makes us, us by always trying to demonstrate our love to them for love in return. You can’t beg to get love back. Someone must love you for who you really are. Hiding your quirks and uniqueness is losing yourself. 

Don’t fool yourself by giving away your soul for someone who doesn’t feel the same way about you. Love will come and if you keep tricking your adoring into loving you’ll lose yourself in a false reality. 

You can’t really love someone unless they love you back. 

Or else you’re just trying to upscale your adoration into a false reality of love.

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