Who Misunderstood Motherhood?

By Giulia Pincetti (’24)

What is a good mother? Does a good mother provide a roof over a child’s head when the sky cries rain? Does this type of mother read stories about princesses and princes until all you see are sheep in hay jumping up and away? Does your mother slow the beat of your heart when homework makes you mad, or does she cook your food the salty way that you crave and always manages to vanquish clouds draining the energy needed to be saved for another day? Is that what makes a mother, a mother to cherish? If so, what about a mother who can’t provide her child with a roof to keep the anger of the sky from making happiness perish? How about a mother who does provide a roof however bedtime stories aren’t in her budget of time? If a mother doesn’t know a thing or two about the work you’ve done, does that make her lose the mother award for number one? Maybe it’s the food that makes her a great mother, however, what if she accidentally adds too much pepper? How about when she’s gone or sick to her stomach and can’t drain away your devilish thoughts that are on their way to your brain? So then what makes a mother a good mother? Maybe it’s that she is trying to tower the roof above your head to prevent midnight showers. Perhaps a good mother tries to wipe away clouds from your thoughts with monsters from your books even when she is busy at work, keeping your favorite salty food at bay. Maybe a mother doesn’t have a laundry list categorizing her but rather she is trying to be your greatest mother. A mother gets the adjective good when she tries to provide the world of opportunities in her hands for you and holds them high even when her hands start to slip away. A real mother is there in your heart even when it’s dark and lonesome. She’s there when facing struggles and never runs away. Is that what makes her a good mother? A woman who tries her best even when it doesn’t go the right way? Who Misunderstood Motherhood?

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