Judge and Timer Ready? The Phoenix Forensics Team Competes at the Maple Invitational

-Adriana Doria (‘19)


Forensics is a public speaking competition that showcases high school students in a multitude of different categories ranging from “Public Address” to “Interpretation.” The IA Phoenix Forensics team travels to between three and five invitationals per year all throughout Michigan in hopes of qualifying for the regional and state competitions in the spring.  


On February 3, 2018, the IA Forensics Team travelled to Seaholm High School to compete in the Maple Invitational. This competition was said to be one of the largest invitationals over the past few years, and the Michigan Interscholastic Forensics Association (MIFA) is very pleased that the forensics community is continuing to grow.


Not only is the overall forensics community growing, but the IA Forensics team is growing as well. The team took 22 new members to this tournament and plan to take even more at their next tournaments.  With a total of 35 competitors, the team had nine break the semi-finals (the top 12) and of those nine, five made the finals (the top six).  


The Phoenix forensicators that broke semi-finals were:

Duo: Olivia Kiefer (‘18) and Vanessa Kiefer (‘20)

Informative: Yeon-Woo Lee (‘21)

Impromptu 9/10: Vivian Yee (‘21) and Vynateya Purimetla (‘21)

Poetry: Ama Sarpomaa (‘19)

Prose: Julie Sheldon (‘19)

Storytelling: Adriana Doria (‘19)


The Finalists were:

Impromptu 9/10: Vynateya Purimetla (6th Place)

Impromptu 9/10: Vivian Yee (5th Place)

Poetry: Ama Sarpomaa (6th Place)

Prose: Julie Sheldon (5th Place)

Storytelling: Adriana Doria (2nd Place)


After all the scores were tabulated, The Phoenix Forensics Team got 2nd Place overall in the Platinum Category. As the team continues their fierce preparation, they will be travelling to the Ninjatational at Avondale High School on March 3rd to continue to show their amazing talent.  


Phoenix Out!

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