A Review of the PTC Fall Play: Almost, Maine by John Cariani

-Faiqa Alam (‘20)

“Pete… I love you.”

Produced by the IA’s very own Phoenix Theatre Company (PTC), Almost, Maine is a spectacular play that will instantly capture your heart. The plot centers around the relationships of multiple characters in a small Maine town named Almost. The play is broken into nine smaller stories, each of them depicting different characters and their different relationships.

Despite its complex structure, Almost, Maine has the perfect balance of romance, sadness and comedy. Our student-actors nailed all of these factors, giving us an unforgettable performance that shocked the whole audience. Even after a full week, I can still remember each scene as if it happened yesterday. Mr. Uhelski, one of the world history teachers at the IA, exclaimed that the performance “was great entertainment.”

For those of you that weren’t able to attend the play, no worries! Here are a few notable scenes:

The scene with Hope (Olivia Kiefer, ‘18) and Daniel (Noah Zeigler, ‘18) was a common favorite among the audience, including myself. Charlie Pardales, the director of the play, noted that it was also his favorite, as “no one expected it.” And it’s true–-no one did.

It all starts out with Hope, a young woman looking for a man who proposed to her years ago. Finally realizing she wants to marry the man, she flies back home to meet him. After what seems to be a touching moment between the two, all hope of the two of them getting back together is shattered, as Daniel already has a loving wife by his side. The scene ends with the two parting for good.

The emotion displayed by the audience was stunning; the groans and cries of sadness could be heard all over the room.

Getting away from the somber mood, the funniest scene would by far be the one starring Chad (Matthew Mancini, ‘18) and Randy (Laith Miller, ‘18).

Chad and Randy are typical friends–-or so they thought. After a midnight talk, the two realize that they are in love with each other. They literally fall to the floor multiple times to symbolize how they are “falling in love” with each other.

The falls are what hit it home for all of us. It was unbelievable to hear the amount of constant laughter in the room. If romantic comedy is up your alley, then Almost, Maine is the perfect choice.

Although PTC will not be playing Almost, Maine anymore, there are still the One Acts coming up this spring! Be sure to watch their next performance–-or why not audition to be in the play?

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