Israel and Palestine

By Rachel Rochford (‘23) Conflict in the Gaza strip escalated recently. The situation is tense and discussion on the topic can become pugnacious rather quickly. Thus, many are left to wonder over what exactly is happening. This often leads to hurtful and untrue assumptions, furthering the heated nature of discussion on the topic, and discouraging further thought given to the matter. Three main questions exist; … Continue reading Israel and Palestine

Strained Relations- U.S. and Russia Part II

By Rachel Rochford (’23) With a new administration, policies, reactions, and events, it would be fair to say that relations between these two nations are shakier now than they were last time this column covered them. We last discussed the U.S.-Russia relationship whilst Trump was still in office. At the time, there was tension over the Solar Winds hack which probed into U.S. government systems … Continue reading Strained Relations- U.S. and Russia Part II

Japan and South Korea

By Rachel Rochford (’23) Recently, Kim Yo Jong, sister of the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, stated “If [the U.S.] wants to sleep in peace for the coming four years, it had better refrain from causing a stink at its first step” regarding joint military exercises between the U.S. and South Korea (Foreign Policy). The U.S. response to this has not been with particular … Continue reading Japan and South Korea

Turkey and Greece

By Rachel Rochford (’23) No one likes it when allies argue, but this does not change the fact that conflicts happen. One such example is that of current tensions between Greece and Turkey, both of whom are meant to be on friendly terms as NATO members. Unfortunately, several key issues have had a long impact on relations between these nations. These issues include disputes over … Continue reading Turkey and Greece

Strained Relations- U.S. and China

By Rachel Rochford (‘23) Under the Trump administration, relations between the United States and China continued to sour. With Biden’s recent inauguration, many wonder how the new President will approach U.S.-Chinese relations. The two nations have recently been at odds concerning trade, technology, espionage, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Atop all this, one must wonder about potential clashes over core aspects of foreign policy such as … Continue reading Strained Relations- U.S. and China

The United States and Russia

By Rachel Rochford (’23) On December 13, one of the most sophisticated hacks in more than five years occurred. This hack was perpetrated against the United States Treasury and Commerce Departments. It is still unclear whether these were the only agencies affected by the hack, some officials have stated that national security agencies were also attacked but this is still unconfirmed. This comes just days … Continue reading The United States and Russia

Strained Relations- France and Turkey

By Rachel Rochford (‘23) Among the slew of other problems that emerged in the world this year- a pandemic, economic turbulence, etc., France now finds itself in conflict not only with its own Muslim population but with many Muslim-majority nations abroad. Turkey is one of the nations in conflict with France at present yet their conflict may run deeper. At this point, it is one … Continue reading Strained Relations- France and Turkey


By Rachel Rochford (’23) On September 27, 2020, fighting broke out between Armenia and neighboring Azerbaijan over a small area between the two countries known as Nagorno-Karabakh. The region is legally a part of Azerbaijan but 95% of its inhabitants are ethnically Armenian. Since its inception, the two countries, and the people of Nagorno-Karabakh, have argued quite fiercely over the fate of the region.  While … Continue reading Nagorno-Karabakh