What is Long COVID?

By Aadit Jain (‘23) According to Medical News Today, the WHO defines “post-COVID-19” as the “…condition [that] occurs in individuals with a history of probable or confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection, usually 3 months from the onset of COVID-19 with symptoms that last for at least 2 months and cannot be explained by an alternative diagnosis.” Usually, symptoms from COVID-19 end within a few weeks of infection. … Continue reading What is Long COVID?

The Ripple Effect: IA Reflects on the Oxford Shooting

By Olivia Schrauwen (‘24) “The chain reaction of evil— hate begetting hate, wars producing more wars— must be broken, or else we shall be plunged into the dark abyss of annihilation.” These were the words of Martin Luther King Jr many years ago. Even though these words were spoken during very different times, his words can still be applied to the recent events of today’s … Continue reading The Ripple Effect: IA Reflects on the Oxford Shooting

Racist Incidents Stir Outrage at BHHS

By Teodoro Gammons (‘23), Elaina Jehangir (‘25), Jaxson Kaplan-Rudolph (‘25) On November 8th, the Bloomfield Hills High School administration were made aware of racist posts and messages made by students circling around social media. These provocative posts caused great distress within the community, and several students reported these messages to school administrators. Two days later, Mr. Hollerith, principal of Bloomfield Hills High School, sent out … Continue reading Racist Incidents Stir Outrage at BHHS

America’s longest war is over. We lost.

By Tasawwar Rahman (‘22) Twenty years, two trillion dollars, and 200,000 lives later, in a matter of months Afghanistan has fallen to the Taliban. Despite tens of billions of dollars in financial support to the Afghan security services, Afghanistan was largely taken without bloodshed. The road ahead lies dim. The Abandoned The feeling in Kabul is distinct– anger and abandonment. For any close observer of … Continue reading America’s longest war is over. We lost.

AAPI Impact on American Businesses

By Qingqing Ouyang (‘23) AAPI hate crimes have occured for several years, but this year their prominence has affected many  more people and become a more known problem. Not only COVID-19, but violence towards the AAPI community has also undeniably caused pain to many people.  The combination of these two factors has also contributed to affect businesses, and a few Asian Businesses have even been … Continue reading AAPI Impact on American Businesses

Starlink is Out of This World, Literally

By Varun Talluri (’23) The internet has become an integral part of our everyday lives. From school to online shopping, the internet supported our recovery during the pandemic and will likely play a prominent role in the coming years. However, this transition to an online environment has signified another structural shift in the way enterprises operate. In fact, numerous companies, such as Facebook and Twitter, … Continue reading Starlink is Out of This World, Literally

Will the next decade see the return of Supersonic Passenger Travel?

By Amr Ansari (’22) From its advent in 1976 to the cessation of its use in 2003, the Concorde was a marvel of both engineering and ingenuity. Transporting passengers at unprecedented speeds for commercial travel, the Concorde was notorious for its spired nose and reputation for a high decibel sonic boom. Even so, service on the aircraft ceased when it became unsustainable for airlines to … Continue reading Will the next decade see the return of Supersonic Passenger Travel?

Building Good Credit Scores

By Qingqing Ouyang (‘22) Good credit scores have many benefits: best interest rates, more trust with both the loaner and borrower, lower finance charges, and access to a larger selection of loan programs. But why does this matter?  Imagine asking a loaner to lend some money for a project you plan to do. But, the loaner does not think he should give you the loan … Continue reading Building Good Credit Scores

Teenagers and Financial Preparation

By: Qingqing Ouyang (‘23) Many schools do not offer opportunities, besides specialized business classes, that prepare students as they enter adulthood. In this case, it means teaching the youth to save and manage money. In a class known as personal finance, teenagers can learn how to properly handle money situations, which will help them a lot in the long run.  To a parent or guardian—These … Continue reading Teenagers and Financial Preparation

COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

By Isabelle Aquilina (‘23) With the anticipation of the COVID-19 vaccine, an important issue comes to mind: how will the order of distribution be determined? Many of us know at least one person who has gotten the vaccine or is scheduled to. The U.S. is leading the global vaccination campaign, with 5.2 vaccines administered per 100 people with a total of 17,176,247 doses, behind only … Continue reading COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution