Building Good Credit Scores

By Qingqing Ouyang (‘22) Good credit scores have many benefits: best interest rates, more trust with both the loaner and borrower, lower finance charges, and access to a larger selection of loan programs. But why does this matter?  Imagine asking a loaner to lend some money for a project you plan to do. But, the loaner does not think he should give you the loan … Continue reading Building Good Credit Scores

How Does ESG Affect Us Investors and the World?

By Giulia Pincetti (’24) A company’s operations are set to a specific standard of criteria environmentally, socially and when it comes to governance. This is called ESG, and socially aware investors use this criteria in order to find potential investments that align with their values. Many investors may even use ESG to steer away from businesses that contain risk factors that may damage their share … Continue reading How Does ESG Affect Us Investors and the World?