Pizza + Pups

By Morgan Cook (’22) This week’s inspiring story takes us just a few states away, where in a pizzeria located in New York, staff have developed a unique idea for their pizza boxes. What’s the point of decorations or wasteful advertisements when you can use the hundreds and hundreds of cardboard packages to help get dogs at local shelters adopted? Amherst’s “Just Pizza and Wings … Continue reading Pizza + Pups

Food: Our Blessing and Our Curse

By Diya Ramesh (’23) You’ve just gotten home from school, and you’re FAMISHED! You’re so hungry, it feels like your stomach is going to explode from growling. But now you’re faced with an important question, which is one that almost every person in this country (and many around the globe) grapples with everyday.  What should you eat? You know what’s good for you, so you’re … Continue reading Food: Our Blessing and Our Curse