What You Need To Know About the Russia – Ukraine Crisis

By Siya Chhabra (’24) and Jaxson Kaplan-Rudolph (’25) This special report has stopped daily updating. To see previous daily updates, scroll down to given dates. The Russian Federation and Ukraine are now fully engaged in an intense and world-altering conflict. Some important questions to answer: why the aggression between the two nations? Why does Russia care so much about having control of their neighbor, which … Continue reading What You Need To Know About the Russia – Ukraine Crisis

Journalism at the International Academy: A Homeostasis of Sentiments

By Siya Chhabra (’24) According to Oxford Languages, it is none other than “the activity or profession of writing for newspapers, magazines, or news websites.” As stated by the American Press Institute, it is truly, very simple. It is the act of “gathering, assessing, creating, and presenting.” In the eyes of Merriam-Webster, its succinct denotation should be classified as, “a presentation through the media.” First … Continue reading Journalism at the International Academy: A Homeostasis of Sentiments

Mars Standard Time Zone

By Siya Chhabra (’24) A historical, Wright-Brothers-like event took place on Mars on April 16th, 2021. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, commonly known as NASA, successfully completed a momentous flight to the Red Planet. The Ingenuity helicopter independently flew through the atmosphere, without the superintendence and control of the phalanxes of individuals it generally takes to undergo a similar expedition into the unknown environment … Continue reading Mars Standard Time Zone

“Mr. Vice President, I’m speaking!”

By Siya Chhabra (’24) For the first time in all of American history, a female Vice President was elected. Vice President Kamala Harris not only changed the face of history, but became a condition precedent to what is hopefully a rise in women in leadership in the near future. However, in order to understand the ideology of female leaders, we must revisit the past to … Continue reading “Mr. Vice President, I’m speaking!”

Procrastination, an “Urban” Ideology

By Siya Chhabra (‘23) Image Courtesy Of Women in Business  As most people know, procrastination, or adopting any delaying tactics is the enemy of success. The greatest thief that this world has ever seen, is procrastination, especially the domino-like effect it entrances on humans of all ages. It can be most-definitely negatively impactful, and possesses serious repercussions and reverberations under any circumstance. Here’s the thing, … Continue reading Procrastination, an “Urban” Ideology

A Climate Crisis Unfinishe-

By Siya Chhabra (‘24) Image Courtesy of the Financial Times  On the 21st day of the 21st year of the 21st century, after a switch of the leading federal party, President Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. rededicated the United States of America to the Paris Agreement, a global concordat fabricated for the eradication of global warming and climate change. In order to honor this epoch-making event, … Continue reading A Climate Crisis Unfinishe-

A Perfectly Mismatched World

By Siya Chhabra (’24) “The biggest challenge of life is to be yourself in a world that is trying to make you like everyone else.” In his Ted Talk, “We Are All Different, and THAT’S AWESOME!,” Cole Blakeway, an idiosyncratic ten-year-old makes intelligible the importance of embracing differences. Blakeway speaks with truth, in the most unsullied yet innovative way possible, to portray his experience with … Continue reading A Perfectly Mismatched World

Full, or Empty? You Choose.

Is it half-full or half-empty? Well, it depends. Image courtesy of The Independent By Siya Chhabra (’24) Most likely, one has stumbled upon the question of “Is the glass half-full or half-empty?” Being one of the most perplexing questions and axiomatic phrases of our time, it can be difficult to answer in certain situations. As a mindset determinant, this question is the definition of the … Continue reading Full, or Empty? You Choose.

Hello, my name is……

By Siya Chhabra (’24) One should never be fooled by what they see on the outside, as within, there often lies a contrastive story. Beyond doubt, it is general human nature, and congenitally straightforward to glance at a person and form judgements about their present, past, and even their future. Yet, what many do not realize, is that unprecedented assumptions break the relationships some form … Continue reading Hello, my name is……