International Academy Governance Council Meeting: October 27th, 2021

Reporting by Leah Raymond (’22)

In Attendance

Bloomfield Hills Schools, Birmingham Public Schools, Huron Valley Schools, Troy School District

Public Comment

There was no public comment.

Principal’s Report

IB Evaluation: Lynne Gibson

The Evaluation will take place from Wednesday, November 10th until Friday, November 12th.

The IB shall meet twice with the Governance Body on November 10th; included in the meeting shall be two consortium superintendents, two board members, and two IA representatives.

Tri-Campus Updates

The staff is using school data to create MYP and DP goals for the year.

Each subject area is holding Department Development Days (D3s) to come up with a strategic plan and goals; some D3s have been postponed until November due to teacher shortages.

West and Okma campus counseling departments held college visits recently.  There was also a Professional Development day on September 25th, discussing the development of the Extended Essay and giving meaningful feedback.

East campus focused on culture on campus during their Professional Development day.

Olympics was completed at all three campuses and was a success.

In place of Group 4, seniors did leadership bonding activities at Treerunner and Camp Ohiyesa.

Virtual parent-teacher conferences are being held on Wednesday, October 27th through Thursday, October 28th.

On Monday, November 1st, there is a Professional Development day focusing on social-emotional learning, inclusion, the standards and practices of the four IB Themes, and department time.

Individual Campus Updates: Joanne Juco

West Campus:

Congratulations to the Lakeland girls volleyball team who won the Lakeland Valley Conference!

Congratulations to the Lakeland tennis team who went to the state competition!

Congratulations to the Dungeons and Dragons club who went to the Renaissance Festival.

Okma Campus:

There was successful completion of the student-run blood drive.

The National Art Honors Society held its induction and silent auction.

Grades 9 and 10 had team meetings with teachers and counselors regarding the adjustment to high school.

The band, orchestra, and choir programs had their first concerts in 19 months, held at Bloomfield Hills High School.

There is a current opening for an assistant principal position at the Okma campus.

East Campus:

The annual powderpuff game, hallway decoration, and homecoming were successes.

The Disrupting Racism Student Association held individual class assembles to encourage participation in the group.

Request for Joint Advisory Committee: Lynne Gibson

A convocation of consortium districts was requested to discuss school and campus needs; whether those needs are met; and define the roles of Head of School, IB Coordinator, Principal, and Associate Principal.  This committee would be comprised of tri-campus leaders, superintendents, curriculum directors, and principals.

The Council responded positively, saying that a Joint Advisory Committee is a healthy step for the IA, and showed their support.  All agreed that feedback and communication are important.  They suggested an email sent to consortium superintendents requesting one or more district representatives.

Closing Announcements

The Council reiterated that they consistently hear only great things about the IA.

The meeting was brought to a close at 6:27 pm.

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