Special Coverage: The Sith Olympics


Final Scores


Congratulations to the Class of 2022 for their victory in the 2021 Olympics!

Day 4 (10/1)

Quiz Bowl

By Jaxson KR(’25)


     The heated competition of Quiz Bowl began after the seniors finished performing their intimidating chant/play. Participants filed into Mr. Morrison’s room, where the seniors were very rowdy and excited for the competition to begin. For the first round, two members of each grade participated in a rapid fire question round of Star Wars trivia. The round was very chaotic, and ended with seniors crushing the other grades with the freshman in second, followed by juniors and then sophomores. Round 2 was then arranged as the 1st seed(seniors) versus the last seed(sophomores). Pop up questions were answered by whoever buzzed in first, which in turn granted that team the opportunity for 30 more points with 3 bonus questions per pop up answered. With a variety of trivia such as Roman history, chemistry, and classic literature, the sophomores pulled a surprising upset, beating the seniors by just 10 points. Next, the juniors faced off the freshmen, where the solid team of Brianna Gjergi, Jieming Gan, Jaxson Kaplan-Rudolph, Ayah Maskoun, Jackson Otlewlski, and Ben Trombly(all ’25) secured so many pop ups that the juniors had little opportunity to score many points. The juniors then defeated seniors in a loser’s bracket, while the freshman team continued to plow through the sophomores, winning 1st place for Quiz Bowl.

Sophomores and seniors facing off in Mr Morrison’s room for Quiz Bowl.

Entrance Marches

Volleyball Highlights

Special Highlights

Thank you to Teodoro Gammons (’23), Ryan Nix (’23), Parker Newell (’23), Sarah Morar (’23), and Yoshi Paris (’23) for creating a 2021 Olympics Recap

Thank you everyone for an amazing 2021 Olympics! Thank you to all of the teachers and parent volunteers that helped out the during the event. We’ll see you at the 2022 Olympics!

Day 3 (9/30):

Capture the Flag Finals: 10/11

By Ava Casab (‘23)

The final game of Capture the Flag between the sophomores and juniors drew crowds on both sides of the field as the teams selected their six players for the first round. Like the previous rounds, the game was split into three eight-minute rounds, with teams needing at least two wins to secure victory in Capture the Flag and get the points for their grade.

The first round had a rather slow start, with neither side making any real moves towards the opposing team for the first few minutes of the round. Eventually, after multiple students chose to toe the line, Declan Tulley (‘23) sprinted into enemy territory. Though unsuccessful in capturing the flag, his brave solo sprint inspired both teams into making a run for it, the junior team eventually reclaiming Tulley from jail. Ultimately, the junior team was successful, with Gottfried Zhu (‘23) scoring the round-winning point with the assistance of other juniors on the team. 

The second round was marked by the same slow start as the first, with the sophomores reluctant to move forwards and leave their flag undefended. But when one started running, the rest followed, with juniors and sophomores being eliminated left and right. By the end of it, both teams were left with only two players. The sophomores put up a good fight, attempting to outrun the juniors, but in the final few seconds of the game, the last sophomore was tagged and the juniors were given the point for eliminating all the opposing team members. This gave the Juniors the second point they needed to take the crown in Capture the Flag. 

Kickball 10/11: Finals

By Elaina Jehangir (‘25)

The final game in the kickball tournament had tensions running high, and both juniors and sophomores were gearing up for the win. Juniors kicked first, getting a foul first thing. After, the sophomores proceeded to catch the ball one or two times, garnering cheers from their team.

Day 2 (9/28):

Spelling Bee 9/10/11/12

By Elaina Jehangir (‘25)

The second round of the school-wide spelling bee commenced with participants lining up in the ISC once again. This time around, there were a considerable number of participants from all grades, totaling to over fifteen! With the increased number of  students, the competitive spirit increased as well, and you could feel the tension and excitement.

The increased difficulty of the words got many out in the first few minutes, but after that, it was a tough race. Some notable words in this round were mandible, experiment, constitutional, and even hors d’oeuvres! These new words struck many out, but some still stood strong! At the end of round two, Abigail Kendal (‘22) stood at first, followed by Ayah Maskoun (‘25), Sydney Kleiner (‘22), and Elaina Jehangir (‘25). Well done, all!

The third round was where things became trickier for the underclassmen, as seniors flooded the participants in an effort to bring their team to the overall win. After the end of round two, surprisingly, the freshmen stood on top overall! The scores at that time were sixteen points to the freshmen, four points for the sophomores, eight points for the juniors, and twelve points for the seniors. However, with words even harder than the last round, people dropped faster than ever. In the end, the final rankings for the third and final round were Varun Tandon (‘24) in first, Shannon Schulte (‘22) in second, Angela Xu (‘22) in third, and finally Troy Archer (‘22) in fourth. Fantastic job!

The final school wide standings were seniors in first with twenty-four points, freshmen in second with sixteen points, sophomores in third at twelve points, and finally the juniors coming in fourth with eight points.

The spelling bee participants lined up and prepared to start the competition.

The final scoreboard for all rounds of the spelling bee.

Abigail Kendall (‘22) after winning the second round of the spelling bee.

Varun Tandon (‘24) after winning the third round of the spelling bee.

Capture the Flag 9/10
By: Induvari Hettiarachchi (‘25)

Capture the flag teams were made up of  6 freshmen and 6 sophomores, with others at the sidelines, ready to sub in or cheer their friends on. There were 2 rounds total.
The first round began, both teams lined up, and sophomores running across. This round ended quickly as Andrew De Ford (‘24) grabbed the flag and ran back to the other side, nearly getting tagged.
The second and last round was really where the intensity kicked up. Melinda Cordero (‘25) and Oleksandr Melnychuk (‘25) waited only a few seconds after the round started before they ran, only just to land themselves in jail. Followed by staredowns, attempts to run from both sides, and a lot of back and forth, it came to a point where the teams seemed to be at a stalemate. Freshmen and sophomores alike had 2 players left standing while the other 4 teammates were stuck in jail.

The tension of the situation broke when Soph Mays (’24) suddenly ran across the border to the freshman side, distracting the 2 freshmen temporarily while Ashni (’24) ran across and freed Akila Vivek (‘24). Soph ran back to her side without being tagged, while Ashni and Akila returned freely. Soph then ran again, this time freeing Abhik Arya (’24), Akila later followed, freeing Azaan (‘24), Soph returned once more to finally free Ian Lau (’24). It was at this point that there were only two members of the freshman team left, Xander Hampton (’25) and Meghan Shea (‘25) against the full sophomore team. With almost no warning, all the sophomores rush the two freshmen. This results in at least 4 sophomores in goal. “Be careful who you go for,” with this comment, Abhik grabs the ‘flag’ and sprints over to the other side declaring the sophomores the winner of 9th vs 10th Capture the Flag. This victory places them against the Juniors on Thursday.

Day 1 (9/27):

Kickball 9/10

By Jaxson Kaplan-Rudolph(’25)

Both teams showed up to kickball with some considerable excitement, both determined to win this quite competitive event. Kevin Lai (‘25, pictured below) was sure of a freshmen victory. However, the sophomores gained an early lead when Aaryan Prabhu (‘24) caught a high-flying ball, leaving the 9th grade team with zero points. After a long period of time during which neither team scored, the freshmen got 3 outs at once in the same play where Abhik Arya (‘24) scored the first point. After another point from the sophomores and then shutting out the freshmen in the last inning, the final score was 2-0, with the sophomores securing a victory. Sophomores will play the winner of juniors and seniors tomorrow on Thursday for the final kickball game.

Capture the Flag 11/12

By Ava Casab (‘23)

A group of jailed seniors cheer on their teammates during a round of capture the flag. 

The juniors versus seniors capture the flag game began with the juniors struggling to consolidate players against the seniors’ hefty assembly. But even with only six players available at the start of the game, they had confidence in their victory. Split into three eight-minute rounds, teams needed at least two wins needed to secure a decisive victory in the overall game. 

Players were slow to move in the first round, with any advances ending in jailed competitors. However, the tide turned when Yoshihiro Paris (’23) managed to snag the flag and achieve a round victory for the juniors, barely crossing the line by a leg. 

The second round progressed even slower than the first, with only two participants in jail within the first half of the match. With most of the trickery between teams occurring at the border and the seniors choosing to focus on defensive measures,  the juniors gained  a decisive second victory. The round ended with no winner, leaving the juniors in the lead. 

Knowing they needed to secure a victory to win the match, the seniors took an aggressive approach to the third round by choosing to bolt in together. The move placed four seniors in jail and forced the juniors to replace a player due to injury. As the remaining seniors could not retrieve their lost players, the round once again ended without a victor, leaving the juniors to take the win with a final score of 1-0. They will face off against the winners  of tomorrow’s freshman versus sophomore capture the flag in the final championship on Thursday. 

Spelling Bee 9/10/11/12

By Elaina Jehangir (‘25)

The school-wide spelling bee started off with participants lining up in the ISC, prepared to start at a moment’s notice while their friends watched from the sidelines. Of those who attended, there were three freshmen, one sophomore, two juniors, and one senior. Because of the lack of people, all that partook in today’s match will be in tomorrow’s, but that didn’t stop everyone from keeping a competitive spirit! 

Starting with simple words, such as conch, the difficulty grew steadily. Soon, the senior competitor was the first to be eliminated. Their only mistake was mishearing a word and spelling it according to what they heard, instead of what was said. Next to go was a freshman, misspelling a word by only one letter. A junior was eliminated after, leaving two freshmen, a sophomore, and one junior.

A freshman was eliminated soon after, and one freshman, a junior, and a sophomore were the only ones left. Not long after, the junior was eliminated, leaving the final two competitors to battle it out. After a few tense rounds, Varun Tandon claimed the title of the spelling bee champion! Congratulations sophomores, you’re ahead in the spelling bee so far! The top four rankings in order from lowest to highest were Ayah Maskoun (‘25), Ishaan Qadar (‘23), Elaina Jehangir (‘25), and Varun Tandon (‘24). Well done, all!

       The spelling bee participants lined up in preparation to start.

Other Updates

By Tasawwar Rahman (’22)

Propaganda suddenly appeared throughout the halls of IA today displaying pro-Sith (messages). With an upwards of 50 posters and more on the way, it’s hard to miss as you walk through the IA.

Additionally, as you listen to the morning announcements, you’ll notice that the music has been replaced with that of the Star Wars series and that each grade is given a chance to shine. Today, in honor of the freshman, we played Chewbacca telling the illuminating story of the Wookies. Let’s just say some things got lost in translation.

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