Ariana Grande Subtly Ties the Knot with Fiancé Dalton Gomez

By Saysha Mahadevan (‘24)

Inside Ariana Grande's Intimate At-Home Wedding | Vogue
Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez posing for the camera in Grande’s Montecito home. Image courtesy of Ariana Grande’s Instagram.

Everyone knows Ariana Grande. She is, after all, one of the biggest pop stars of the modern day, having won countless awards (even some Guinness World Records) since her debut in 2012. However, what fans may not know is that she can now add “wife” to her list of accolades, as she was recently married to her fiancé, luxury realtor Dalton Gomez. 

On May 15th, the two were happily wed in a small-scale ceremony at the singer’s Montecito home. Grande and Gomez (ages 28 and 25 respectively) decided on the safer option of a mini, at-home wedding in light of the recent pandemic. Less than 20 people attended, all family members and close friends from both the bride’s and the groom’s sides. According to an inside source, the wedding was very informal and intimate, and it was truly just meant for the couple. Regardless of the lack of a proper ceremony, the room was filled with love, and it sounds like it couldn’t have been a more joyous occasion. Grande revealed the first looks into the private wedding via photos in an Instagram post captioned “5.15.21” a week later. The setting of the marriage was kept fairly simple, with candles, a white rug, and flower garlands hanging from the ceiling. The vows were exchanged in front of Grande’s fireplace. Through additional photos on Instagram, the bride revealed that she chose a strapless, white Vera Wang dress for the ceremony. It had a minimalist theme, with a corset-like bodice and a low, dipped back. To go with the silkiness of the dress, she chose a silky bow to accessorize her veil. She went for a blush and nude palette for her makeup to match the simplicity yet elegance of the event. 

Many people thought the couple was rushing things, as they were engaged in December, only about 11 months after they had reportedly started dating. The current newlyweds met when Gomez helped Grande find her LA house and then started dating soon after. She first publicly showcased her new relationship when she and Gomez were showing PDA at the end of the “Stuck With U” (her collaboration with Justin Bieber) music video. The two quarantined together after moving in with each other, so they had the chance to spend a lot of time one-on-one. Even so, Grande has kept Gomez out of the spotlight for the most part, and Gomez seems to be a private person himself. Fans aren’t very accustomed to this, since Grande has been known for being relatively public with her boyfriends, at least in the past. For example, everyone knew about her engagement to comedian Pete Davidson 3 years ago, so everyone also knew when they broke it off (there’s no need to worry about that though, as a source has said after Grande’s wedding that Davidson just wants the best for her). She admitted on an Instagram story (a few days after news broke that she was dating Gomez) that she was going to start making her love life more private. She said that it was because sharing personal events on the internet can be “truly traumatic”. Taking this into consideration, it makes sense that the wedding was a private affair. 

Grande and Gomez had reportedly been planning a wedding since April of 2021, but no one thought it would be so close after their December engagement. Many thought that their wedding would be one of the biggest bashes of the year. However, the couple didn’t want to wait any longer because both of their schedules were becoming busier. The lovers had always envisioned the wedding as an intimate affair, and it was “in the cards for summertime”, according to a source from E!. 

As of right now, it isn’t certain if the couple will throw a larger and more open ceremony in the future or not. However, we are certain that there won’t be any “Problems” concerning love with these newlyweds! 

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