Laugh Until I Cry

By Marina Campoy-LoVasco (’23)

People are so funny. The things we come up with in their head and write down on paper. The things we say aloud. The things we do. Humans do so many dumb things. Like selling peeled oranges in plastic containers when the orange peel itself is a container, or hitting and yelling at machinery when it stops working. When, for the most part, that makes no sense at all. All the idiotic things humans do, though, are kind of endearing. If you have no flaw at all, you have no place to grow, no reason to learn, and no goal to achieve. That is why I am not afraid of robots taking over the world. Because even if they supposedly make no mistakes, humans made the robots, and humans make mistakes.

The sad thing is that we try to cover up our faults. We pretend we are perfect, and that is what hurts us. It prevents us from moving forward to a better future because if we are perfect now, why should we change? We fool ourselves of reality, create rumors which build upon each other. One after the other. Until we don’t know where the lie started or where it will end, and if any sliver of the truth wedges its way between all those sheets of deceit, it’s frightening.

Truth can be objective. The blue that man over there sees with his eyes differs from the blue his daughter next to him sees with hers. But it is still blue, and we can all agree on that truth. And truth changes as time goes on. For instance, that little girl is four years old right now. But in a year she will be five and that will no longer be fact. Yet, all of this does not mean that the truth cannot be agreed upon. There are certain basic facts about human existence like the need to eat and sleep. No one disputes these aspects of the world, but we dispose of other certainties of life so easily. It is so hard for people to accept or even acknowledge new information even when it is right there in front of them. I do not find that funny.

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