A Moment of Inspiration: Small Town, Big Hearts

By Morgan Cook (’22)

In the face of everything that has been happening regarding COVID-19, it can safely be said that there is not a single person that has not been affected by this virus in some fashion. Across the country, schools are shut down, shops are closed, and hospitals fill up as cases rise once again. However, despite the suffering that so many are enduring during this time, there are others who have taken every opportunity available in order to help those in more immediately threatening circumstances or more negative situations. Workers from the Virile Barber Shop of Jersey City are the perfect example of those who had the chance to help neighbors in need and did so simply because they could. 

Virile Barber Shop is located right next to the Würstbar eatery, a restaurant in a tight-knit community that is well loved. However, similar to countless other businesses, it struggles to stay afloat amidst the pandemic. Adapting its business model to fit with the current guidelines, Würstbar does everything it can to stay up and running. However, after a staff member was exposed to the virus, the restaurant was forced to close and send all employees home to be tested. It was a shock to its workers and customers alike. However, luckily for Würstbar, the Virile Barber Shop reacted quickly to the news. In less than twenty-four hours, workers from the barber shop stepped in to take up shifts at the restaurant while employees were unable to come into work, helping to keep Würstbar in business for the time being. Virile owner Andre Fersa remarked that the weather was simply too nice for the restaurant to be closed and made sure to advertise on social media that Würstbar was available to the public. This abundant support proved to be a tremendous help to the Würstbar staff, who profusely expressed their gratitude towards such generous neighbors and friends. 

It takes true kindness to step forward when not expected to; to do what is right simply because it is right. That is how we are able to conquer challenges and work through troubling times: with kindness and by helping one another whenever possible, even if nothing is given back in return. As John Wooden put it, character is how we choose to act when no one is looking. 

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