Inspiring Story of the Week: From the Bottom of the Heart

By Morgan Cook (’22)

person sitting beside gasoline pump
Photo by Yulia Rozanova on

In light of the horrific situation we now find ourselves in, it is as important as ever to remember that amidst all of the negativity that surrounds us, there are also wonderful people doing tremendous deeds simply to make our world a better place. Today, we take a moment to recognize the utter selflessness of Allen Marshall, a man right here in Michigan. He decided to use his hard-earned savings to purchase as much gasoline as possible and give it out to nurses who traveled between the hospital and home for free as they help victims of COVID-19. Standing on the corner of a gas station right near the Detroit Medical Center, Marshall proudly held up a “Free Gas for Nurses” sign. Nine hundred dollars came out of his own wallet to bring gas to around fifty to eighty (50-80) crucial medical worker-owned vehicles.


Having a wife who serves as a Blue Cross Blue Shield worker, Marshall knew that this would be an honorable way to serve his local hospital, and make life easier for those who are helping others battle the virus. Even after he had no more money to give, Marshall displayed a new sign reading “Thank You for All You Do!” … and he is proving already to be an inspiration to others. He has motivated some to contribute money and time, including a woman who gave two hundred dollars to support Marshall’s cause. When questioned about his actions, Marshall’s words were: “I just love [the nurses] and I want them to know that.”

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