Tech Review: Cowin

By Teodoro Gammons (’23)

black headphones with mobile smartphone
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           In today’s world, many people have smartphones. Some people have MP3 players, and some have iPods. But we need headphones for theses devices. Today, I’m going to explain why the Cowin E7 is the best budget set of headphones.


           After having the E7’s for a year now, I’m very happy with the choice. The quality of sound is way better than some Beats I have had in the past. They have noise canceling technology, which is great for the car, plane, or a noisy work environment! It blocks out everything, I can’t even hear my mom yell at me in the same room with the option on! With the padded ear pads, it provides plenty of Cush room for your ears, making it comfortable for many hours!


           The battery lasts 30 hours while playing music, but I have had them work for longer. I take them everywhere, and they are light! The volume is loud, and they can double as a speaker if you turn them all the way up! The E7 has buttons for pause/ play, and volume control. They also have an auxiliary input  and micro hdmi charger. The E7’s come in a sturdy box, and come with a leather carrying case.  


           All of this seems too good to be true! For $60, you can start the New Year great!

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