A Moment of Inspiration: The Late Bloomers

By Morgan Cook (’22)


Across the billboards, this year’s top picks for music are boldly displayed, and most of them have one thing in common: they were all written by young artists. However, Alan Tripp makes it perfectly clear that music doesn’t have to be dominated by a junior crowd. At the age of 102, this man is releasing his very first album meant for seniors, complete with multiple jazz songs. Working with counterpart Marvin Weisbord, a man of 88 years, it is believed by many that these two are the oldest duo of songwriters in history. Together, their careers as musicians started a mere two years ago.  

The inspiration came when Tripp wrote a poem regarding his journey of aging for his 100th birthday. Then, he decided to share his work with Weisbord. The two were (and still are) close friends, living in a retirement home located in Pennsylvania. Weisbord read the poem and loved it so much that he decided it would be perfect as a musical piece instead. Tripp, in turn, was inspired to keep writing poems as Weisbord made lyrics for jazz ballads out of their words. The fact that neither of them had previously made music didn’t stop them from bringing together a group of musicians to record the music they created in a studio. At last, they were able to publish their album of 8 songs, titled “Senior Songbook” just last month. According to Weisbord, “I’ve never had so much fun in my life, and I never expected to be doing this in my old age”. With the songs displaying emotions with which everyone can empathize, this music is relatable for people of all ages. Tripp claims that although your body may age and be unable to complete certain tasks, love never grows old. 

The two, against all odds, have made the news for their determination and never-ending successes that they earn through hard work and the drive to make our world a more appreciative, loving place for people of all ages. Their story will remain as a moment of inspiration for all who long to push themselves just a little farther out of their comfort zones.

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