What are Joe Biden’s positions and ideas for the issues of today?

By Marina Campoy-LoVasco (’23)

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At the present moment, Joe Biden is at the head of the presidential race. Although this advantage might change soon, as he is closely pursued by Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, it is important that one knows the positions of Joe Biden and the ideas he plans on using if he does in fact win the election.

On the topic of climate change, Joe Biden has a series of steps he will follow. He states that he will invest 1.7 trillion dollars in order to “Ensure the U.S. achieves a 100% clean energy economy and reaches net-zero emissions no later than 2050” (Biden President) He plans to accomplish this goal through setting new standards for transportation, fuel, mining, and manufacturing companies that will support the plan for clean energy. Joe Biden also says that through this process ten million jobs will be created (Biden President). He plans on finding a way to enforce these rules during his first term as well as introducing zero carbon technologies. He also references the things that he and President Obama did during Obama’s candidacy to fight against climate change.

Joe Biden also plans to deal with the problems of the U.S. incarceration system. He believes that the use of drugs should not be a reason one should be incarcerated. Rather, individuals who are found using narcotics will be directed to drug courts and treatment. As less people will be imprisoned, the federal government will have more money to spend on other things. Joe Biden proposes this money should be used to help communities who have faced the impacts of mass incarceration. He also thinks that prevention rather than incarceration is the best method. Instead of states spending money on the incarceration of people they should spend money on the prevention of crimes being committed. Through a $20 billion competitive grant program, Joe Biden plans to implement efforts that have been proven to reduce crime, incarceration, and illiteracy and child abuse that connect to incarceration (Biden President). Joe Biden also hopes to help those who need the help of social services find that help rather than be incarcerated. 

In the issue of gun control, Joe Biden reminds the people of the roles he has played in finding a solution to this problem. In 1993 he helped put into motion the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act and in 1994, with Senator Dianne Feinstein, they passed the ten-year bans on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines (Biden President). In 2005, the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act was passed. This act allowed gun-manufacturing companies to not be penalized when problems arose involving their products (Biden President). Joe Biden voted against this act then and plans to continue fighting against it, if he becomes president. Like many other candidates, one of Joe Biden’s solutions is to buy back assault weapons. He is not only basing his solution on this one idea though. Joe Biden plans to limit the amount of firearms a person can purchase per month to one. He also believes in the power of background checks and determining who should be allowed to purchase a weapon based on their mental health. Biden would also like to ensure that people have better access to mental health services. Joe Biden acknowledges that the use of guns hurt people in more ways than what the news broadcast. Gun control also has a connection to suicide. With better gun control, it will be less likely that people wishing to do harm to themselves will be able find and use weapons. 

Joe Biden speaks about his other positions and ideas at his website: joebiden.com. It is important that everyone knows what their possible country leader’s positions are in order to make educated choices about their political affiliation.

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