Tech Review: iPhone 11

By Teodoro Gammons (’23)

      Technology is something that is all around us – phones, laptops, cars, plumbing, electrical systems and even a regular pencil. But today I am going to review a new piece of technology that has hit the market in a dramatic fashion quite recently The iPhone 11.


     The iPhone 11 was released on September 20th of 2019. Lots of people have been interested in it since it was announced earlier this year. People have speculated the design and looks of this new phone, but some are wrong. Originally, people thought there was more than three cameras on the back, that’s the iPhone 11 pro, but the iPhone 11 is like the XR: a cheaper, better option.


        The iPhone 11 comes with  64 gigabytes of storage, but can be configured up to 256 gigabytes of storage. It has a 6.1 inch Liquid Retina HD display and now has an impressive 1792-by-828-pixel resolution. They have put in a new A13 chip in for faster speeds, better HD video streaming, and gaming. Apple has stated that the iPhone 11 is water resistant for 30 minutes in 2 meters of water, that works with dual 12 megapixels cameras with ultra wide lenses. The portrait mode still has all five modes but they added one more called High Key Mono. Like the Google Pixel, Apple has now installed Night Mode on the iPhone, although, this is something, in my opinion, that should have came out on the iPhone 8 already. The filming on the iPhone 11 is also amazing: 4K and 60FPS.


     The battery is fast charge compatible with a possibility of charging 50% in 30 minutes. In addition,the battery has one more hour of life than the XR. Wireless charging is also in the phone. The one sad thing that was not added this year was the headphone jack! That’s a big mistake of apple, although it does pushes consumers to buy the Apple AirPods. Like the iPhone X and iPhone XR, the iPhone 11 is expensive and most worry about the screen – breaking the screen without AppleCare will total you with $280, but Apple has said that the screens are scratch proof and crack resistant.


    Altogether, I think it’s a great phone, but there is little to none differences between the iPhone 11 and iPhone 10. I have the iPhone 10 and my friend has the iPhone 11, the difference is the bionic chip wide lenses and the colors! And the iPhone X has better reviews and better looks! And the iPhone X comes in at $800 and the 11 is around $700. I think it’s not bad to get the X for a better look and better battery life time, not hours, I mean years.


     This tech review is a quick, small piece of entertainment for your news! Tech is an important role of life, without it, what would we depend on next?

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