Judge and Timer Ready? The Phoenix Forensics Team Finishes the Season Strong

Adriana Doria (‘19)

This weekend, the Phoenix Forensics team competed in the State Championships to finish off their very successful season.  The team took 23 members to the competition. Thirteen competitors broke to the semi-finals and, of those 13 , seven broke to the finals.  Overall, the team took 2nd place in the BCD Division.

The Phoenix forensicators that broke to semi-finals were:

Jonah Liss-Impromptu Open 11th Place (‘21)

Yeon Woo Lee- Informative 11th Place (‘21)

Iman Qureshi- Oratory 8th Place (‘19)

Pratham Goswami- Sales 12th Place (‘19)

Matthew Younan- Storytelling 9/10 12th Place (‘21)

The Phoenix forensicators that broke to finals were:

Jewel Evans- Oratory State Champion (‘19)

Harshit Tewari- Sales 2nd Place (‘18)

Vivian Yee- Impromptu 9/10 State Champion (‘20)

Vynateya Purimetla- Impromptu 9/10 5th Place

Olivia (‘18) and Vanessa Kiefer (‘20)- Duo 4th Place

Ama Sarpomaa- Poetry 2nd Place (‘19)

Adriana Doria- Storytelling Open 5th Place (‘19)


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