Exploring the Arts: Newsies the Musical

-Adriana Doria (‘19)


“Now is the time to Seize the Day,” as the Newsies of New York stand together for change.  Based off of the 1992 film starring Christian Bale as Jack Kelly, Newsies was brought to the broadway stage in 2012.  This show is based off of the 1899 Newsboys Strike, and brings an entertaining and musical twist to the story.  Jack Kelly (Jeremy Jordan: Original Cast 2012), the leader of the Newsboys, dreams of escaping the horrors of New York City and fleeing to Santa Fe where he can be “free” (“Santa Fe Prologue”).  Meanwhile, his best friend, Crutchie (Andrew Keenan Bolger), experiences a limp and has to overcome this challenge of using a crutch everywhere he goes. These two meet Davey (Stephen Michael Langton), the brains of the group, and help him work to earn money and support his family.  After Pulitzer raises the price per newspaper, the Newsies form a union and go on strike against selling newspapers until the price is lowered.


This outstanding musical reminds its audience that anything can be accomplished with drive and determination.  Without the help of the whole group of Newsies, the strike would not have been possible.


Through the outstanding score written by Alan Menken, lyrics by Jack Feldman and book by Harvey Fierstein, these true historical events are brought to life on stage with jaw dropping routines.  The musical won the Tony for “Best Original Score” and continues to wow audiences all over the world.


Even so, the musical was filmed live and was in movie theaters all around the United States for a limited period of time and even extended due to large amounts of popularity.  It is now featured on Netflix and other TV networks, further recognizing the importance of musical theater to the world.


One thought on “Exploring the Arts: Newsies the Musical

  1. Newsies- I love this musical. The inspiring story, the wonderful characters- I love the bond these Newsies have for each and love the intimate bond between Jack and Crutchie. Then with a fun and emotional score. On top of that, mind-blowing dance


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