Judge and Timer Ready? The Ninjas of the IA Phoenix Forensics Team

By Adriana Doria (’19)

On March 4, 2017, the IA forensics team competed in the “Ninjatational”, its third tournament this season, at Avondale High School.  The forensics team was awarded a second place trophy in the “Shogun” (large entry) division of the the team sweepstakes.  

The public address category consists of the categories Broadcasting, Extemporaneous, Impromptu, Informative, Oratory, and Sales.  In Oratory, competitors must write a speech about any global topic of their choice and present the speech to the judges.  Two IA competitors, Iman Qureshi (‘19) and Jewel Evans (‘19), competed in the finals at this tournament.  Jewel Evans (‘19) was awarded 4th place and Iman Qureshi (‘19) was awarded 3rd place.  

n Informative, the competitors must write an informative speech about a topic of their choice and present their speeches with visuals to their judges.  Jennalise Ellis (‘17) competed in finals and was awarded 2nd place in Informative.

In Extemporaneous, the competitors are given three questions where they must choose one, and then are given 30 minutes to research the topic and prepare a 7-minute speech answering the question.  Katie Kim (‘18) received a 6th place trophy in the category of extemporaneous.  Also, in Sales 9/10, freshmen and sophomores pick a product of their choice, with visuals are creating a sales pitch.  Faiqa Alam (‘20) was awarded 4th place in this category.

Interpretation consists of Dramatic Interpretation, Duo, Multiple, Poetry, Prose, and Storytelling.  In DI, competitors are required to prepare a piece of literature with blocking and voices to help portray the story.  Ama Sarpormaa (’19) received 4th place in this category. In Poetry, the competitors combine 2-5 poems into a presentation for their judges.  It was Harshit Tewari’s (‘18) first time making it to the final round, and he was awarded a 2nd place award.

In Prose, the competitors take a prose piece of their choosing and use blocking and voices to portray the story.  Spencer Haisha (’17) was awarded 1st place in the prose category.

The forensics team will be attending their last invitational before their regional tournament at Walled Lake Western High School on March 18, 2017.  Good luck to all forensicators!

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