Judge and Timer Ready? Another Victory for IA Phoenix Forensics

By Adriana Doria (’19)

With the forensics season progressing, the IA Phoenix “forensicators”, or forensics team members, successfully competed at the Frankenmuth Invitational.  The IA forensics team, coached by Ms. Sarah Clancy, took 31 members to this tournament- it ended up with 18 students making it to semifinals, and 12 of the 18 semi finalists making it to finals.  The team was also awarded 2nd place for the team sweepstakes in the large entry category.  This was the team’s first 2nd place team award.  

In forensics, there are 2 main categories- public address and interpretation.  Public address consists of the categories such as broadcasting, extemporaneous, impromptu, informative, oratory, and sales.  There were many first-time competitors that came home with trophies.  Prathum Goswami (’19) got 4th place in the category of sales 9/10 at his first competition in forensics, along with Faiqa Alam (’20),  who placed 6th in sales 9/10. The team had all three broadcasters that competed at the tournament make it finals.  Neal Doshi (’17) received 3rd place, Gabrielle Nahhas (’18) got 4th place, and Richa Shah (’17) came home with a 5th place trophy.  In extemporaneous, Runik Moehrtra (’18) received 6th place, followed by Katie Kim (’18), who was awarded 4th place.  Two sophomores in oratory also made it to finals; Jewel Evans (’19) placed 2nd and Iman Qureshi (’18) placed 4th.

Interpretation consists of dramatic interpretation, duo, multiple, poetry, prose, and storytelling.  In the dramatic interpretation category, Ama Sarpormaa (’19) received 3rd place.  Also, in the category of duo, Alexa Doria (’17) and Adriana Doria (’19) were awarded 2nd place.Spencer Haisha (’17) was also awarded 2nd in the prose category.

The forensics team will be attending the Ninjatational at Avondale High school on March 4, 2017 to compete in their 3rd team tournament, working towards achieving their own goals as well as their goals as a team.  Good luck to all forensicators!

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