IA IN VOGUE: FARE x Rina, IA Students’ Fashion Debut

By Sally Bdeir (’19)

The last of personal project presentations just finished, and IA sophomores got pretty creative this year. Sophomores Quinn Coleman, Rina Helt and Ana Bayma-Meyer collaborated to produce an incredible fashion show at the Detroit Carr Center.

Sophomore Quinn Coleman has had his own clothing brand called FARE. For his personal project, he collaborated with Rina Helt and together, they designed and sewed clothes in preparation for their big fashion show. Also in the collaboration was Ana Bayma-Meyer, who found the models, booked the venue, and planned the fashion show. As a collaboration, they produced an incredible fashion show in the Detroit Carr Center.

Reflecting on the whole process Rina said:

I’ve learned a lot about collaborating with other people and putting ideas together to make something we both agree on. I didn’t know how to sew before, so I also learned a new skill. I don’t have any future plans with fashion but it was really nice to try something new. This project was very risky for me because I was inexperienced in sewing, but thankfully our work payed off.

Quinn felt a bit different about the whole process:

I already knew how to sew and knew how to make the clothes. My primary role in the process was designing the clothes, sketching them out, and then making them. In terms of my original brand FARE, I started it about a year ago. I had the idea down and I knew what I wanted to make, but the personal project gave me the chance to actually make the clothes.

I actually would like to go into fashion in the future, and although this was a collaboration (FARE x Rina), it was my first time doing a fashion show- making it sort of like my debut. This summer I plan to make another collection and have another fashion show with the same models, but this time it would not be a collaboration.

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